Popol Vuh says …

“Man is first created from mud, but he comes undone. Then a second one is created from wood, but he lacks soul. Finally he is created from corn, having grain in his blood and body be of soft dough.”

About us

Tortillas La Huasteca came about from three restaurant visionaries with more than 20 years in the industry, fabricating a product to bring “Traditions to your Table.” At Tortillas La Huasteca, our mission is to bring our origins to your table and fill it with traditions, moments, and memories.

Based on our experiences at Tortillas La Huasteca, we create products with the highest of standards, to give you not only a fresh product, but one filled with taste and tradition.

Summed up, Tortillas La Huasteca is the outcome of  experience in the food industry, plus the passion to do what we love, plus the Mexican taste from our origins, which in result, is what gives us the confidence to create such a daring, yet best product made from corn, and lets us bring Tradition to your table.


Tortilla Regular

Regular Tortillas

Tortilla Taco

Tortillas for Tacos



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